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Sunday, 22 December 2013 11:49

Library of the ХХІ Century

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The regional scientific-practical conference "The Library of higher education establishment - resources, information-analytical center in the era of electronic communications" was in the Scientific Library of Chernihiv State Institute of Economics and Management on the 19th of December, 2013.
The library cordially greeted its guests and participants: the leaders of CSIEM and their colleagues from Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture, Chernihiv National T. Shevchenko Teachers' Training University, Chernihiv National Technological University, Ukrainian-Russian V. S. Chornomyrdin Institute (Branch of Moscow State Open University in Chernihiv).

V. V. Kazymyr, PhD of technical sciences, Professor, Laureate of the State Premium of Ukraine, acting rector of Chernihiv State Institute of Economics and Management opened the conference.
O. I. Honta, the Vice-Rector of Scientific and International Activities of CSIEM greeted the participants with welcoming words. The presentation of the book "Scientific Library of CSIEM: History" which published on occasion of the 20th anniversary of the library was on the conference.
V. M. Bielinska, the head of Scientific Library of CSIEM reported about conformity of the library of higher education establishment of needs of the modern information society:” Today it is high time to talk not about the cultural mission but about the values of the library for the economy (the information support, the base for innovation development, area of the study).”
N. V. Moroz, the deputy of the head of Scientific Library of CSIEM, made a report about the experience of the library to create the institution depository IRCHSIEM.
T. A. Sidenko, the head of the section of Information-bibliographic work defined the main directions of methodological work of library of CSIEM and forms of extension professionalism of the librarians.
O. P. Baklazhko, the editor of the second category reported about the important areas of work of the library, its publishing activity.
L. V. Mazur, the leading librarian considered the place of reading rooms in the structure of the library.
The reports of I. V. Bevz, S. O. Vynohradnoi, L. M. Solovei were devoted to the socio-cultural and educational activities of the library.In particular, the national-patriotic issue, meetings with the interesting people at the club "Rainbow", creation and development the Museum of History of CSIEM.
The reports of Y. P. Bura about modernization of the systems of book acquisition funds and N. M. Bondar about use of innovation achievements in the work of the library of CNTU coasted the great interested to the participants. This kind of sharing of knowledge is very useful in library activities.
The pleasant surprise for the participants of the conference were presentations of the musical «The Magic fairy of Santa Claus or The librarians Christmas Adventure» (I. M. Trofimenko, the senior Librarian) and the documentary film "The magic life moments of the Library" (T. A. Sidenko, the head of the section of Information-bibliographic work).
The creative report of the chief bibliographer S. L. Bondar about bibliographic work was presented to the lyric-epic and humorous story that caused sincere smiles and delight the audience.
N. I. Khilobochenko, the head of the scientific library KNUBA, described the activity of Ukrainian Library Association and shared her impressions of the trip to Riga Symposium on library symposium. The information about the peculiarities of Latvian librarians was very interesting.
The review of the head of SL of CNTTU H. H. Makarova of the Regional methodical association of libraries of Chernigov region for 10 years was the final in the conference.
Library sincerely gives thanks for the guests and participants of the conference and invites to cooperate with them.

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